Corrie Davidson


Corrie playing a Blackberry phone on the cruise ship "The Spirit of Washington" (6/24/08).


Corrie playing the EPA's recycling mascot "Slim Bin" on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2008 in D.C.


Corrie shooting a large conference in Orlando, Florida.

Set Design

Corrie drafting blueprints for a palace set for a video game production. She designed the set, built scale models, and drafted the blueprints that the construction crew built from.

Set Construction

Corrie laying down the first layer of texture for a video game set that she designed and built.

Location Scouting

Corrie drove all over Virginia hunting down a series of locations in which to shoot. Here is a large cave opening she found and negotiated the use of.


Corrie had a brief stint with modeling as a hobby, but no longer pursues it.